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8 Best Alarm Clocks in 2023

Have you ever fantasized about smashing your alarm clock into the wall in the morning? Heck, maybe you’ve even done it!

Luckily, we’re not here to discuss the alarm clock’s right to a peaceful and violence-free life. We’re here to find the best alarm clock that will turn your morning frown upside down. And, if not, at least the best device that will get you up and ready for a new day on time.

But why get an alarm clock? I have a smartphone!

Yes, you do. And so do other 2.7+ billion other people in the world.

However, many try to put a distance between themselves and technology during the night. It’s good for your sleep and overall, good for your health.

So, if you want to feel rested and energized in the morning for a change, you’ll browse our reviews and choose the best device for your needs!

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How to Choose The Best Alarm Clock

It all depends on your own preferences. Today’s devices can be quite technically-advanced, but not everyone wants that in an alarm clock. So, it all depends on the things that matter to you.

Ease of Use

Still, there are a few basic features every alarm clock should have, like the possibility to easily set an alarm (or several) and the possibility to adjust the volume and type of alarm (a selection of sounds or the option to start the radio instead).

Sleep Pattern

Next, you should consider your sleep pattern. Are you a heavy sleeper?

In this case, you may want to take a look at the best vibrating alarm clock on our list. This type of clock has the advantage that it only bothers you (if you sleep alone) and doesn’t bother the entire house early in the morning.

Display Brightness

Another feature to consider is display brightness. Most light sleepers can’t rest properly if there’s a source of light in the room. If that’s the case, you will need an alarm clock where you can turn off the display during the night.

Charging Options

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have all their devices close at night, while also charging them, have a look at the best smart alarm clock on our list. It offers plenty of charging options and more. Also, speaking of smart devices, some of these clocks support BT and other connections.

8 Best Alarm Clocks

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

The Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

sonic bomb alarm clock
Designed for heavy sleepers and people with a hearing deficiency, the Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm clock is reliable and easy to set up. The alarm is loud (goes up to 113dB) and there are flashing lights that make sure you’ll wake up. There’s also a full range dimmer that helps you control the brightness of the lights.

However, if you need more or you have trouble hearing, the clock comes with a bed shaker, which is a vibrating device that goes on your mattress. This also works for people who don’t want to wake the entire house.

Users can set multiple alarms and there is a snooze function that can be adjusted to last from 1 to 30 minutes. And, to make sure you won’t miss your alarm if the power goes out, the clock has a battery backup system.

Overall, the Sonic Bomb Alarm clock is the best digital alarm clock for people who want a simple and easy-to-use device. The interface is easy to understand as all the controls are clearly labeled and there are switches and turn knobs to set the volume and tone.


  • User-friendly interface without too many bells and whistles
  • Several methods of waking someone up
  • A vibration device for people with impaired hearing
  • Several alarms and snooze feature
  • Very loud alarm

  • The time adjustment feature is awkward (it only goes forward)
  • It’s easy to set up incorrectly if you change your routine often

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Brandstand CubieTime

The Best Bedside Alarm Clock

brandstand cubietime
CubieTime features an elegant design that fits any interior design setting, and a large display with three dimmer settings and the possibility to turn it off completely (perfect for light sleepers who are bothered by any light).

The CubieTime was built for your nightstand as it comes with a right angle pass-through plug that lets another device to be plugged into the same wall outlet. So, if you want to add a lamp to your nightstand, it won’t be a problem.

At the top of the watch, you’ll find the one button on this clock (featuring a press and turn design), two 110V tamper-resistant outlets (computers or CPAP machines), and 2 USB charging ports (for phone or tablet overnight charging). Both the outlets and USB ports have surge protection.

The one-button approach makes it easy to set the alarm and the on/off switch lets you choose between one alarm for all days or different alarms every day. There’s also a snooze feature that gives you an extra 9 minutes of sleep.

Lastly, the alarm clock has a battery backup system (based on 2 AAA batteries) and Auto-Update for Daylight Saving Time. Overall, this is the best light alarm clock for people who like a simple interface and want to have their devices close.


  • Elegant look that fits in any room
  • Right angle pass-through plug
  • 2 110V tamper-resistant outlets & 2 USB ports
  • Surge protection and battery backup
  • Easy-to-use interface & large display

  • Setting different alarms can be difficult
  • The cord is thick and a bit rigid

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Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60

The Best Sunrise Alarm Clock

philips smartsleep hf3520-60
Specialists recommend a gentle waking up process, that takes into account the human natural sleep cycle. As such, Philips created the perfect alarm clock for people who like to wake up with nature sounds (five available options – Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano, and Seaside Sounds) and sunlight.

SmartSleep is a device that slowly ends the sleep cycle using yellow light (mimicking sunlight) that gradually increases in brightness on a 30 minutes timespan. The same happens with the alarm tune – it gradually gets louder.

The clock also incorporates FM radio, so you can wake up with your favorite music or show. Of course, if you’re not ready to wake up, just give it a tap and put it on snooze for 9 minutes.

The device is modern in design and has a large display that automatically adapts its brightness to environmental light conditions so it’s easy to read.


  • Elegant & modern look
  • Wakes you up using light therapy and natural sounds
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Battery backup system in case of power failure
  • Tap to snooze feature
  • Nightlight for reading and drifting into sleepy time mode

  • Controls are a bit difficult to find without actually looking at the watch
  • No automatic day/weekend switch
  • The display can’t be turned off completely

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JALL Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

The Best Alarm Clock for Your Bedroom

jall wooden alarm clock
Most modern alarm clocks are quite boring in design and shape. Luckily, JALL solved this problem by creating a wooden alarm clock with a beautiful LED display that disappears into the design.

The clock has three alarms, for three different times throughout the day and it can be turned off during weekends.

The display has three levels of brightness and it provides useful information such as the time, ambient temperature, and humidity levels (it has built-in humidity and temperature sensors). The controls are placed on the back of the watch and are easy to use without looking at them.


  • Gorgeous watch that looks good in any setting
  • The display is easy to read
  • It supports three different alarms
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensors
  • User-friendly interface

  • You can’t change the volume of the alarm
  • It drains batteries really fast so it’s not a recommended source of power

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Soundcore Wakey

The Best Radio Alarm Clock for Your Bedroom

soundcore wakey
This is a Bluetooth speaker with full-range stereo drivers that supports wireless device charging (for Qi-compatible devices at up to 10W). It also features touch controls, but you can control it from a distance using the accompanying app.

Wakey has built-in FM radio and access to your favorite internet radio station via BT or Aux cable (for connecting it with a smartphone or tablet). As such, users can pre-set their favorite FM radio stations or simply choose to play something on Spotify.

When it comes to how you want to be woken, the clock is highly customizable. You can set up to 15 different alarms and there are 10 different sounds plus FM radio to choose from.

But this is not just for waking up! The clock also has 10 sleep-inducing ambient sounds to lull you into the dreamland. Creative users can also compose their own tunes using the Sound Core app. In addition, the LED display automatically dims in low light and can be turned off.


  • A Bluetooth speaker that supports BT and Aux connectivity
  • Wireless charging for smartphones
  • FM radio and internet radio
  • 15 different alarms
  • Sounds for waking up and falling asleep
  • Two USB ports (also for charging)
  • The time automatically syncs with your phone

  • It is too bright even at the dimmest setting
  • The charging indicator light is bright
  • You need the app to set the time

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RCA RCD30A Alarm Clock

The Best Budget Solution for Waking Up On Time

rca rcd30a alarm clock
This digital alarm clock is the best option when you want an affordable and simple solution. It’s easy to read due to the large LED display (1.4-inch) with two options for brightness (high and low).

It’s also easy to control and set up and has a repeating snooze function (using the large button at the top of the case). Lastly, it has a battery backup system for when the power is out.


  • Simple interface with nothing to distract you
  • Large display that’s highly visible
  • Options for brightness & snooze
  • Great price

  • No volume adjustment
  • The alarm is really loud

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DreamSky DS206 Alarm Clock

The Best FM Radio Alarm Clock for Your Bedside

dreamsky ds206 alarm clock
A cute little alarm clock with a built-in FM radio player (for more like this, check out our guide on the best clock radios). The radio player is designed to work on frequencies between 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz, so you will definitely find your favorite!

The design is compact, with a solid build, and a big LCD screen with large, blue numbers. The screen also displays other useful information such as temperature, status, and alarm time.

At the top of the solid case, you’ll find various buttons for controlling the watch and the radio settings. The volume is adjustable and so is the brightness (0 to 100%).

The clock has a high-quality speaker (for both alarms and listening to the radio) and two USB ports (marked IN and OUT) for charging the clock and mobile devices. You have the possibility to choose if you want to wake up to the radio or the buzzer and there is a repeated snooze function (8 minutes).

This device is also good for waking up and for falling asleep as well – it has a programmable countdown sleep timer (10 to 120 minutes).


  • Solid build and elegant design
  • Lots of options for the alarm, brightness, and more
  • Large LCD display with large numbers
  • Two USB ports for charging
  • Repeated snooze option
  • Easy-to-use buttons and interface

  • Temperature readings are not accurate

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Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock

The Best Analog Alarm Clock

peakeep travel alarm clock
If you’re looking for the simplicity of the good old days when most watches used an analog dial to tell time, the Peakeep Ultra Small clock is the right choice.

As you can tell by the name, this is a small device (fits in the palm of your hand, small) that works on batteries. These features make it the best travel alarm clock on our list, but there is more to tell about this little guy.

The face of the watch is all about telling the time, but there’s a little button in the upright corner that activates an inner light source (for when you wake up at night and want to know how long until morning).

On the back, you’ll find two dials (for setting the alarm and time), the battery compartment, and a convenient alarm on/off switch at the top. There’s also a snooze bar and the alarm starts out progressively and increases in volume until it reaches the maximum or you stop it.


  • Extremely portable design
  • Analog face powered by Quartz movement
  • No ticking sounds to keep you up at night
  • Works on batteries

  • Its performance is dependent on the quality of the batteries
  • No adjustments besides time and alarm

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Yes, the perfect alarm clock for you exists! You just need to find it!

We reviewed a wide spectrum of alarm clocks, with different features, aimed at different audiences and budgets. This way, every one of our readers and their friends and family can find the perfect device to wake them up in the right manner.

So, read our reviews and make your choice!